Water-Based Acrylic PSA

Water-based Acrylic Adhesive

Widely used in tape factory, water-based acrylic adhesive, with superb adhesion, has gradually been transformed into water-based, eco-friendly adhesives in recent years.

Water-based acrylic adhesive, the best choice for a tape factory, are suitable for BOPP packing tapes, super clear tapes, and seal-it invisible stationery tapes.
water-based acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive for stationery tapes, transparent tapes, clear tapes.


  • Properties of pure water and formaldehyde-free feature meeting environmental requirements.
  • Transparency, white color, and excellent bonding strength in compliance with PSTC and J_DOW specifications (for finished tape goods use).
  • Temperature Range: 10°C~40°C.


    • 1.BOPP Packing Tape
    • 2.Super Clear Tape
    • 3.Seal-it Invisible Stationery Tape


    • •20Kg
    • •180Kg
    • •Tank Car (about 20 tons)
Water-based Acrylic Adhesive
Specification Table
Item Quality Standards Reference Specification
Appearance Milky white liquid without impurities and clots.  
Viscosity(cps/25°C) 100~350 30~200 60~300  
Non-volatility(%) 59.0~60.5 57.0~58.0 58.0~60.0  
Tack (cm) below 3 CNS11888,
180°Peeling(kgf/in2) above 0.7 above 0.75 above 1.4
Holding(60 minutes) above 24 above 24 above 14
pH 6.0~7.0  
The product is seen as water-based, eco-friendly, and extremely safe adhesives.
It is suggested that the product be put in cool, well-ventilated places.
For dealing with splashes from the product, please clean them out with lots of water;
for knowing about cautions of the product, please refer to its material safety data sheet.