PVC solvent cement

PVC Solvent Cement

Transparent and Colorless PVC cement. PVC Solvent Cement is not only applicable to PVC piping projects but suitable for bonding rigid PVC products. PVC cement, with a variety of packaging, is highly praised and appreciated by customers.
For piping requirements, PVC adhesive can be divided into three sizes: ASAA (4" & below), ASAE (6" & above), and ASAH (4"~ 6")

PVC pipe adhesive, known as PVC cement or solvent cement, is applicable to glue PVC pipes or other PVC products.
PVC adhesive or solvent cement, is used for connecting plastic pipe (PVC pipe) and plastic fitting (PVC fitting).
PVC pipe adhesive or PVC cement is the best solution for joining PVC pipes and fittings due to its three characteristics: easy construction, quick-drying adavantage, and special situation for fixing leaky PVC pipes.


  • Construction for leaky PVC pipes.
  • Superb adhesion & freeze proof (-5°C & above).
  • Remain the same propserties of PVC products after bonding to PVC resin and starting to solidify.
  • Easy construction with a quick-drying advantag.


    • 1.Bonding rigid PVC pipes to PVC pipes
    • 2.Bonding rigid PVC pipes to PVC fittings.
    • 3.Adhering PVC Plates.
    • 4.Bonding Rigid PVC Products or Semi-rigid PVC Products.


    • 100g
    • 500g
    • 1Kg
    • 15Kg
    • 180Kg
PVC Solvent Cement
Specification Table
Item Quality Standards
Product Code AASAA AASAE
Appearance Colorless and transparent without impurities and clots
Viscosity(cps/25°C) 80~100 3,500~5,000
Non-volatility(%) 10~12 20~23
Adhesion (kgf/cm2)(15 minutes) above 12.5 above 7.5
Adhesion (kgf/cm2)(120 minutes) above 25 above 15
VOC(g/l) below 630 below 410
Nominal Pipe Size (NPS) below 6" above 6"
Specific Gravity 0.95
Vinyl Adhesive is regarded as flammable liquid, so please store it in a cool place and keep it away from fire.
Vinyl Adhesive is viewed as organic solvents, so please wear personal protective equipment (PPE) properly in compliance with safety rules while using it.