Q: What are the characteristics of Nan Ya solvent cement?
Nan Ya solvent cement, which can eliminate solvents that are harmful to body, is used for working in ventilated areas.
Q: What are the characteristics of Nan Ya flooring adhesive?
Nan Ya flooring adhesive, viewed as green building materials, is the formaldehyde-freee product with properties of pure water. Besides, after treading on floor tiles for a long time, there won't be any cement stains on them because of excellent pressure sensitivity of Nan Ya pressure-sensitive adhesive.


Q: How to get rid of odors from leaky pipes?
The odors are from solvent cement, so please open the pipeline to get rid of bad smells.
Q: Doesn't it take too long to wait 24 hours for plumbing works after the hydrostatic test shown on solvent cement packaging?
To avoid the failure of installing large size of plastic pipes under high-pressure enviornment, it is suggested that the hydrostatic test be conducted after 24 hours in compliance with Taiwan CNS Standards. In addition, in accordancewith lots of experiences, it is feasible to wait 30 minutes after piping work is complete and the pipeline is pressurized to 10kg/cm2.
Q: Can solvent cement be used at low temperature?
It can be used at -5°C and above.
Q: How long did it take to install floor tiles after bonding flooring adhesive to them?
Flooring adhesive is regarded as creamy-white hydrogel where it will turn into clear and transparent layers as water evaporates; then, floor tiles are available to be installed when flooring adhesive becomes sticky and semi-transparent. If floor tiles are installed on a rainy day or you want to save time, please use a fan to dry floor tiles after bonding flooring adhesive to them.
Q: Can a paint thinner with rosin additive be used for wiping cements off floor tiles after plastic floor tiles were installed?
Better not. It is suggested that you use a dry cloth soaked with alcohol to wipe cements off floor tiles without any damage, instead of using a paint thinner with rosin additive that tends to corrode floor tiles.

Cautions & Storage

Q: What to do when my skins are stained with solvent cement?
Please use a cloth to wipe cements off your skins, or you can tear them up till it becomes a thin film.
Q: What should I take care of when I use solvent cement?
1.Keep it away from fire.
2.Work in well-ventilated areas.
3.Wear activated carbon masks, rubber gloves, and goggles properly.
Q: What to do when my eyes are splashed by solvent cement?
Please wash your eyes with lots of water and go to hospital right away.
Q: What to do after eating solvent cement?
If you're still awake, please drink water (240~300CC) and go to hospital right away.
Q: How to store solvent cement properly?
First, please make sure the lid is closed tightly. Second, please store it in shady, dry, and well-ventilated areas. Finally, please keep it away from heat, fire, and oxides.